jQuery Credit Card Validation Plugin: Smart Validate

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119 Responses

  1. Confused says:

    Hey, could not run this demo….followed the regular expression n have input the card no. but everytime it gives the error…need help plz

  2. Kevin shah says:

    Thats great , i hope i can integrate it well on my payment gateway on my money sites :P

  3. Chapy says:

    Hey man, This is awesome !!
    i’ve looking this application for days, tanx a lot !!
    i like learn more jquery, ajax, css, html apps and tricks, so your tutorial is very usefull !
    tanx again and youre the best !! \m/_

    and sorry for my bad english but i dont practice too much XD

  4. Oreoluwa Adeolu says:

    I figured it out no worries love this so much! :)

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