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10 Free Display Fonts

These free display fonts are ideal to use for logos, headers, and any text that needs to stand out. Use them in your web pages and designs for a fresh, unique feel! 1. Parker Font...

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12 Holiday Freebies for Designers

Use these festive freebies to deck out all of your holiday designs! 1. Free Christmas Icons   2. Christmas Vector Icons 3. Colorful Christmas Icons 4. Fun Ornament Icons 5. Free Red Christmas Vector...

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10 WordPress plugins that speed up websites

The loading speed of a website plays a vital role in the establishment of any online business. People who are browsing online for information or products quickly become frustrated if a website takes too...

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8 Useful HTML5 web development tools

These days most websites are being created on an HTML5 base. That means HTML5 web developer tools are immensely popular and choosing the correct tool is bound to make any web development job easier....

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6 Sites that offer free color swatches

For those on the lookout for color swatches to use in web design, here is a list of available sites that offer swatches for free that is sure to enhance any web project. 1....

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10 Free Christmas Related WordPress Plugins

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to jazz up WordPress blogs or websites with plugins that will provide visitors with the feel of the upcoming festivities. These plugins...

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10 Useful Photoshop Freebies for Designers

Photoshop images are widely used as background images. These background images are useful in adding zest to designs by filling up the large areas. So, why do many designers choose Photoshop patterns over background...

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